Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paintings, Bloody Scalps and Broken Noses.

So this past week I have been 'working from home,' (I'll put it in quotations because I haven't had a whole lot to do) because we are moving offices and while we had to be out of our old one by the first... the new one isn't ready yet.

Not that I am complaining. I've gotten lots of things done around the house and managed to make three new pieces for my etsy shop as well as paint a picture for there. Now my old problem is figuring how much to sell the painting for, as well as how on earth I'll manage to ship it! It's fairly large.

Any suggestions?! They would be most welcome. It's 1ft x 3ft in size.

In other news I had a doctors appointment today which was slightly strange. I went to the dermotologist to get this cyst that I have had on my head for about four years removed. Now it wasn't dangerous by any means, but it was a pain, literally, since I kept on bumping it.

It was sort of bizarre. He just sat me in a regular office chair in his little doctors office, said "This is going to pinch," then shoved a needle in my head to freeze it. Two seconds later I feel him push a scalpel into my head and hear it cutting my skin before the freezing kicks in as he digs the thing out. Now I couldn't FEEL that, but you know how you can feel the pressure and you know someone is digging around? It was like that. Nasty I tell you (Sorry for the too much info but I felt the need to share!) And then, just like that it was over. He handed me a tissue, told me sit there for five minutes or so until it stopped bleeding and then I could leave. Mike looked at it when I picked him up and he said it looks as though he glued it shut, I haven't the foggiest idea though since I couldn't feel what he was doing up there!

Speaking of Mike. He broke his nose again last night, it is even more crooked now and that is impressive.  That's the thing with training MMA, even if its just for fun, you are bound to get bumped up.

Sondake! (That's All)