Monday, May 31, 2010

Creative Mayhem

I had this grand idea today of doing a tutorial. The problem is, I don't really follow any sort of set process when making jewelry. Nevertheless, I thought I would give it my best shot, and tell a tale of how I turn a neat space into a creative disaster in a few short minutes.

Step One: Find a nice clean spot to work. This is usually my coffee table since the only time I watch TV is when I am making things and like the background noise. That and for some reason I have a love of sitting on the floor, a view my Chiropractor doesn't share with me. 

Step Two: Have your critter climb up you to jump on your nice clean spot and get in your picture just as you snap. Everyone, meet Chloe. Terror Extraordinaire. 

Step Three: Get distracted taking pictures of said critter.

Step Four: Find one item that looks intriguing and pull it out of supplies. Then pull out everything else that looks remotely like it would go well with vague idea.

Step Five: Get totally absorbed in what you are creating and completely and utterly forget to take pictures of the process.

Step Six: Finally remember to take pictures of the finished product.

Step Seven: Clean up and think up clever name and description for Etsy Shop. Still working on that part....

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kitchen Cupboards

There was something boring about plain white cupboards so over the past few weeks this has been my project. Paint the cupboard doors red, then use black to paint a tree on them. I honestly thought it would be a big project, but had no idea how long it would take me until I realized that I couldn't just paint a tree, I had to paint a detailed tree.

It was a lot of fun though, and I am happy with the results. What do you think?

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Tagging game

Alright so I was tagged by the girls at Common Threads in a photo type game.

Here are the rules:
Go to the 8th folder in which you store your photos.
Select the 8th photo.
Post it to your blog and tell the story behind it.
After following the above instructions, you are ‘supposed’ to tag 8 other bloggers.

This is at the 'Parts Canada Super Bike Championships' last June. In between the races they had some stunt bikes come out. It was an awesome day, gorgeous weather and lots of loud sports bikes. I am looking forward to repeating the event this year :) 

Now, I don't honestly think I can think of 8 people to tag, so I will just tag the following:


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creamy Bow Buttercup Bag

I have a complete infatuation with this bag. I don't even know if it would suit anything I own and its probably a bit too feminine for me, yet at the same time I think its gorgeous because its so precious and sweet and girly but not over the top. Classy pretty is perhaps a better way to describe it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Crimson Secrets

I love the color red. 
Its bold, passionate and vibrant.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I love the feeling of a productive weekend! I got so many things done on Saturday, and then took Sunday off to relax and bead and watch movies. It was fantastic. Now tonight I just have to take some proper pictures of my newest necklace (as seen above) and put it in my etsy shop!

Today was spent entering giveaways at What a fantastic idea, I think next time I might join in myself!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tea and Sympathy

It was raining outside, fat drops that fell in a seemingly endless stream battering the windows. It was warm in Esi’s cozy little haven though, the musty smell of books and green tea invading her senses and trying to chase away the melancholy that always came with the clouds falling. Curling ink stained fingers around a pen, she dragged her gaze from the gloomy street and focused instead on the creamy white sheet in front of her. It was fresh and new, blank minus the straight horizontal lines smoothed across it. Closing her eyes she listened to the pitter-patter of rain and let it meld with the beat in her heart, molding into a tune that had been tugging at her for months.

She grasped it for a moment, the elusive notes, and her eyes shot open, fingers poised to scribble it down but then it was gone again, disappearing back into the misty shrouds of her memory. She groaned low in frustration, wanting so hard to pull it back but it was useless. It was all useless. Trying to remember anything, everything. How many months had it been? Close to a year at least.

Sighing softly and rubbing away the headache forming in her temples, she willed away the heartache and set her pen down. She should know better than to try now anyway. Whoever she had been, whoever she still was, was as much of a mystery as the tales in her novels. But at least those had answers, stories to fill up her mind, worlds that existed beyond this tiny shop, books with endings. Shaking her head Esi tried to clear her thoughts. She wasn't going to dwell, she'd fallen into the pain of depression all too many times and she wouldn't let it drag her down today.

It was the rain though, the cold damp that saturated her heart and brought back the day she'd woken up scared and lost, alone on the side of the street at midnight, shivering in the pouring rain, shoes missing. All she had on her was a shirt and a pair of sopping wet jeans with a bank card and driver's license with her picture in her back pocket. She was Esi, she knew her name at least. And she wasn't poor. Perhaps the most disturbing however, was the fact that she was red with blood, running down her forearms and chest in pink rivulets, hands stained red. But beyond a few dark bruises and a throbbing headache she was unharmed. It wasn't her blood.

Terrified and upset she'd stumbled confused to the nearest police station. They'd put her in a room immediately, asking her what happened but she didn't know. She didn't know anything. In the end they kept her there for two days before releasing her, no bodies had turned up, no one had reported anyone missing and they couldn't find her in the system. There weren't many Esi's in the city but she had no criminal record, no fingerprints ever taken. Nothing to suggest why she had no memory, why she'd been abandoned.

Her bank account listed an address that had since been rented out to someone else.

Admitting himself to a hospital after that had done nothing as well. There was nothing wrong with her that they could find and a psych analysis said she was fine other than of course the loss of memory and panic over not knowing anything about himself. A week later she'd bought the bookshop on a whim, discovering she had more than enough money in her bank account to afford it. It was warm, comforting and forgotten just like her. And more importantly it came with a small apartment above it, the price one would normally pay for just the apartment so she figured why not. She had nothing, a place to call home was at least something.

She was still there, without answers and alone.

Blinking back the tears she'd stopped letting himself shed, she picked up her book and curled down in one of the over-sized chairs by the window, the very place she'd been before the rain triggered the music in her mind. Sipping the tea she'd left cooling on a stack of books, she tried to find her place again. No one would come in in this weather, with the exception of perhaps one and he wouldn't mind if Esi was curled up in the corner reading.


I love musty old bookshops. This is a strange story. I'm not sure if it makes complete sense or not, but ah well. More to come.