Thursday, April 15, 2010


I find it difficult to blog when everyday passes in nearly the same fashion. It is not that it isn't exciting or fun (I do love my life most of the time) it is just that it tends to be repetitive and therefore lacking in things to blog about! 

The last few weeks have been slightly different than the norm though, as I hurt my hip yet again and therefore haven't been training on any sort of regular basis and I got a flu/cold yesterday that knocked me out for most of the day.

Although I must mention the most exciting news of the last few weeks. My sister finally had her baby! And a girl no less! My new niece, Ara Aviendha, is beyond gorgeous and I cannot wait until Saturday so I can see her and the boys again.

I need to get back to making jewelry. Maybe I will get on that tonight...

Oh! And when my parents came to visit the other week, Mike and I bought some lovely new couches which is a HUGE improvement to the uncomfortable futon we were using before. And my brother's new truck and my parents truck came in handy while getting them back to the house. We won't ask dad what happened when he tried to move the bookshelf with books still on it though...

That's All!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing My Muse

I really am quite terrible at posting, but I thought I'd get around to upping a couple of my newest creations.

They aren't up on Etsy yet, mostly because while I love to write I am terrible at coming up with descriptions for pieces and titles. I do however, have this amazing friend that is fantastic at it and normally helps me. The only problem is she is in France on a Skiing trip right now. So these will probably sit unposted until she gets back this weekend.

I actually quite like how they both turned out though. So that makes me happy.

Other than that, I've been back to writing which is nice, writing a lot actually. Funny how when nanowrimo comes around I have troubles writing 50,000 words. And yet I've written approximately 51,000 words in the last two weeks.  Half of that is because I dislocated my hip again though and therefore haven't been training the last two weeks. It's amazing how much time I have then!

Anyway, I am crossing my fingers that Hilda has her baby this weekend. I want to meet my new little nephew or niece! Plus I think she is good and ready to have that little stinker out!