Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Sale!

My etsy shop Tinged is having a sale starting April 30 - May 5th ! 10% everything in my shop (excluding shipping) as part of the Etsy Alberta Team Spring Sale! A whole bunch of shops from the teams are participating. You can see the list of all the shops and what they are offering  HERE

I am pretty excited. It's my first sale.

And on that note, have some pictures of some of the newest items!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wrist Cuffs!

Last night was product picture taking night! I never finished editing them all before I snuck off to bed, but I got a couple wrist cuffs done and posted!

I think my favorite part of these wrist cuffs is that all of them are made from almost entirely upcycled materials. Old bits of lace, an old purse strap, buttons from all over, etc. They are so much fun to make and use up all the scraps that I can never throw away because they always end up being useful! 

Monday, April 25, 2011


The Adventures of Suzy and Sil

I feel like this should be a 'Part Three hundred' since we go on adventures so often. Seriously though, we have so much fun together dressing up like we are still little girls and going outside to prance around in high heels and take pictures of each other.... and freeze our butts off... get stared at... and have little dogs chase us because I've got fox fur on (I kid you not I just about had a heart attack when two Doberman's passed right after that. Thankfully they didn't seem interested!)... drink tea and pretend we are posh. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft Fair with Handmade therapy

So this past weekend my sister, Hilda had her first craft show for her shop handmadetherapy. I went along for moral support and boredom preventer (because I am just that entertaining and charming). Despite the fact that there was a storm and therefore hardly anyone showed up, her table looked amazing and it was a ton of fun so here are a slew of pictures.

(the lovely shop owner)

Now go check out her shop since most of the things on that table are now up in her shop! Since she is a listing machine, unlike me who has a ton of things made and nothing actually posted recently. I should get on that!