Wednesday, March 30, 2011

50's Inspired

I have to say that after starting with simple elastic type dresses, this one was MUCH more of a challenge. Really you don't want to look too closely at my stitching. I made a lot of mistakes. It was a lot of fun though and I do like the 50's vibe that it gives off.

One thing I did learn for sure though, is I really need a dress form. Since I don't use patterns (I tried that once, it was awful. Turns out I have no idea how to read a pattern!) I just cut things out how I think they should go and pin them... well basically on myself (please don't go thinking I stab myself with needles here... that only happens by accident) and trying to pin a dress behind your back is really quite difficult!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have ears full of holes and stuffed with metal. I got a new one on Sunday, the conch peircing (the hoop) seen above. Sometimes people ask me why I love piercings so much and last night I was thinking about it and when I first decided I loved them. Honestly, I can remember it clearly.

I was eight years old and I was taking the bus home. There was a girl on my bus named Suzy, she was a teenager and I thought she was the coolest person around (sharing the name might have helped) and she had an ear full of hoops. I was utterly fascinated and right then and there I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to have pretty ears like her.

Now I do.

And I love them.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gearing Up For Spring

Or maybe I am just dreaming. It certainly doesn't look very 'Springish' out there!

Regardless, by the time Spring does decide to show her face, I will have an arsenal of cute dresses to wear. That is my goal at least. Two done, fabric for a least two more to go!

Next up on the list to make: Blue dress with white Polkadots!

Also, can I just say that sometimes it is fun to be me? I think that if I have ONE positive trait, it is creativity and imagination. Intriguing, different things make me just want to create create create.

I know I have reiterated this probably too many times to count, but to me, makeup is an art form. While I love Canvas as well (Speaking of which I just bought a bunch of those and should really get to painting with actual paints!) I also love the human face. It has so much texture and depth and each is so unique. Yet at the same time you can take a face and completely alter the perception of it by playing around with a little makeup.

Now last night I didn't go to any great extremes, but I did have fun experimenting. Since I love red makeup and since I do looks for Pure Fusion Mineral Makeup I asked Chantelle if she had any. She didn't at the time, but what is absolutely amazing is, she thought that it was a good idea and wanted to try make some and let me be the tester! How amazing is she?

Actually that reminds me. One of these days I REALLY need to ask her how on earth she got into making makeup and how she does it! It absolutely floors me that she actually makes it on her own. So cool.

Right, back to the point. She sent me a bunch of samples and so I tried a few of them out last night with some other eyeshadows by Pure Fusion and came up with the following look:

Makeup Used:

Eyeshadows: Lemon (pure fusion), Tuscan Sun (pure fusion), Unnamed Red (pure fusion)
Eyelashes: Makeup Forever
Glue (for lashes and jewels): Duo Eyelash Glue

Is that all I had to say? I think so!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green for St. Patricks.

Silly facial expressions aside, I had fun last night making the above pictured dress. It was really simple to make, and I didn't use a pattern or anything, just sort of winged it. I am pretty happy with the results! What do you think?!

Is it cute enough to do a tutorial over? Its certainly easy enough!!


(P.S. For those of you that have tumblr, I started an account there to post random pictures and quotes of things I love and things I make. You can find me at

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Inner Princess

I feel like its become habit for me to admit to falling behind on this blog. To be honest, most of the time I forget that I have it. At least I haven't forgotten how to be creative! In fact, I think my inner girly girl has come out to play lately since I seem to be in love with faux pearls, pink and lace.

And to make matters worse (or better depending on who you ask) I decided to play with tulle the other day to see if I could make a puffy, slightly tattered skirt befitting a ballerina.

(Don't worry, despite looks its not completely see through, there is a silk underskirt that comes to about mid-thigh. But I do want to make a lace overskirt for the whole thing... I think it would be pretty.... Also! please excuse my tummy, I was going to crop that out but now it seems like my photoshop has decided to quit working on me!)

Alright! Off to go finish my tea and do some work.

Next post: Try to remember to blog about all the tournaments I've been attending lately (Though I've deemed to give myself the roll as photographer instead of competitor. I'll leave the fighting to my dear husband who is actually good at it). In the mean time, have an amazing 'martial arts' type video.