Monday, May 31, 2010

Creative Mayhem

I had this grand idea today of doing a tutorial. The problem is, I don't really follow any sort of set process when making jewelry. Nevertheless, I thought I would give it my best shot, and tell a tale of how I turn a neat space into a creative disaster in a few short minutes.

Step One: Find a nice clean spot to work. This is usually my coffee table since the only time I watch TV is when I am making things and like the background noise. That and for some reason I have a love of sitting on the floor, a view my Chiropractor doesn't share with me. 

Step Two: Have your critter climb up you to jump on your nice clean spot and get in your picture just as you snap. Everyone, meet Chloe. Terror Extraordinaire. 

Step Three: Get distracted taking pictures of said critter.

Step Four: Find one item that looks intriguing and pull it out of supplies. Then pull out everything else that looks remotely like it would go well with vague idea.

Step Five: Get totally absorbed in what you are creating and completely and utterly forget to take pictures of the process.

Step Six: Finally remember to take pictures of the finished product.

Step Seven: Clean up and think up clever name and description for Etsy Shop. Still working on that part....