Monday, April 18, 2011

Craft Fair with Handmade therapy

So this past weekend my sister, Hilda had her first craft show for her shop handmadetherapy. I went along for moral support and boredom preventer (because I am just that entertaining and charming). Despite the fact that there was a storm and therefore hardly anyone showed up, her table looked amazing and it was a ton of fun so here are a slew of pictures.

(the lovely shop owner)

Now go check out her shop since most of the things on that table are now up in her shop! Since she is a listing machine, unlike me who has a ton of things made and nothing actually posted recently. I should get on that! 


  1. yay! thanks, it was fun day :)

  2. such creative and beautiful sisters you are!

  3. That's really too bad about the storm. I could see at least 3 things just from the photos that I would picked up! Better luck with the weather next time.