Friday, July 8, 2011


I've been ignoring this place again. But in my defense, life has had some MAJOR changes in the last few weeks and its been pretty hectic and a bit overwhelming in some aspects.

Most of you know that I signed up to go to Artists Within Makeup School. Well classes have started and I think they are going really well. Its harder then I thought it would be, but a ton of fun as well. We have our first test on Monday and I haven't studied for it and I REALLY need to do that because it won't be easy. Its all about skin care and skin diseases and knowing which ones are contagious, etc. As well as different skin conditions and what sort of products you should use with what. (Its actually quite interesting!). I think the best part about class though, is the fact that even if I am grumpy before class, by the time it ends I am always in a happy, chipper mood. The girls there are great and our teacher is awesome. Its a fun group and as I love doing makeup... what is there to be cranky about when I'm there?!

What some of you might not know is that I started a new job this week. I now work for the Solicitor General Department of the Government of Alberta. Its pretty intense and overwhelming actually, but really cool too. I am getting to know my criminal code of Canada better at least! I work in one of the parole offices in the city. Its neat, and of course all confidential, but interesting. I just need to learn a lot of things and my brain is a bit fried. Especially since I was left alone today already with no one to ask questions to! YIKES! I survived though!

What else is there to say....  I swear I have things to list in my shop... just no pictures of those things yet since I haven't had time to take any. I think I will try work on updating my shop this weekend along with trying to get my house organized.  I'll also stop rambling now.

Just a quick update for those who care!



  1. What a perfect thing for you to be doing! I hope you continue to enjoy it! :)

  2. holy it's been forever since you've posted on here! Well.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :)

  3. ahahaha I just read this now. Dang it! you snuck one happy birthday in that I missed.