Thursday, June 3, 2010

Changing Dreams

Once upon a time there were two sisters (actually there are three but this story is only about two), completely different but sharing a dream of opening up a coffee/book shop together.

Of course, life rarely goes as planned and some dreams aren't meant to be. Instead, people change and new dreams, ones that suite you better, are born. 

In this story, one sister became a super-mom, several times over, while the other was content to be a wild child not quite ready to grow up. But through that, new hobbies were born. Hobbies that turned into businesses and suddenly they found themselves both owning their own little online shops and having tiny businesses that were far more satisfying than any coffee/book shop could be.

This is a little thanks to my sister, who started me off on selling my jewelery online on etsy. Or rather twisted my arm until I made an account and actually started to post things on it. She is also the one who gives me tips and hints on what I should be doing to further my shop, things like making a facebook page (look at my side bar! I have one now) and making a flickr account (still working on that). It's fun and exciting and a challenge. 

So thank-you sister :) 

It's almost like we opened a shop together.  

Only not really. 


  1. hehe I love this... and we look so hot in that picture. Like how you edited it though!!

    I just had a thought that we should make blog buttons and then put them on each others blog...

  2. A gorgeous photo of you two! Wonderful post too.

  3. hahah we do look hot Hilda! Almost as hot in those pictures we have from Banner Mountain Lodge!

    We should! .... how do you do that? LOL

    and Andrea, Thank you!