Saturday, February 5, 2011

Makeup Is Art

So yesterday I finally went and bought my copy of "Makeup is Art". My sister showed me this book online a few months back, but it wasn't released here (in Canada) until this month. It is GORGEOUS. I absolutely adore it and of course since I got the book I had to do my makeup today.

The book is amazing though, it is really informative and deals with a variety of different styles. Everything from conceptual, editorial, beauty spreads, etc. It also gives you lists of supplies and what brushes are meant to be used for what, the pros and cons of things, etc.

I would seriously suggest it for anyone who enjoys makeup and looks at it as an art form (much like I do). Plus I went to get it at Chapters and it was 50% off! Only $11.00 for the book, and its hardcover and gorgeous.


  1. Wow, you look like something off the runway. Now would you actually wear this out, or is it just purely experiential? I know I wouldn't have the nerve, even though I think it's stunning.

  2. Ahh I probably would not wear this out! Its mostly just experimental and for pictures. The eyes I would though, but not all the glitter on my cheeks!

  3. Oh c'mon...there are a few places where you could pull this off. could definitely do this in Vegas...on the old strip at night...You'de look amazing.

  4. haha, well I am going to Vegas sometime this year! Maybe I will try it!!