Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miss Christabel

One of my closest friends lives a continent and an ocean away from me. It is strange really, since we have never actually met in person, but we get each other pretty well and we write each other letters on a regular basis. She sends me the most gorgeous sketches in the mail, and other little presents, its so amazing. Maybe one day I will post some of them to show you.

We both love photography and makeup, and art and the same sorts of music so it's a blast to do video chats or just talk in general. Then this week we decided that even though we are so far apart and can't actually do a photoshoot together like we would love to, we'd improvise.

This is what we came up with:

It was actually pretty difficult to get the pictures to match since she has a flash gun and I was having major difficulties getting my lighting proper. But in the end I think it looks something along the lines of a slightly creepy/sad painting and I like it.

And here is one of just me. First time I have ever tried wearing black lipstick! To be honest, its one of the first times I've ever done 'gothic' makeup at all.

I love experimenting with styles so much!

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