Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well I was trying to take pictures of the earrings I made when my goofball of a ferret (with my husband's help) decided she was curious and wanted in on the photos.  I'm not so sure she was impressed with them though, she looks a bit grumpy in the second picture.

I don't think I've posted any writing on here in a while, to be truthful, I havent had a lot of TIME to write... or the energy for that matter. But lets see if I can find a little excerpt somewhere....

Shells dangled from the porch, hitting each other and clanking softly. He sat on the front steps, dilapidated and weather bent, but still sturdy and watched her on the beach. Every morning it was the same, the other would wake up before the sun, tumbling down to the beach to chase back the tide and write the names of those they lost in the sand. There she would sit for hours, drinking in the golden sunlight, peaches pinks and reds shoot across the ocean and bathe their names in color before the tide would return and wash them away. It was only then that she would come back to the tiny little house they had found, still mostly intact and unscarred, and wrap thin arms around his waist, craving comfort in the form of touch and a beating heart.

During the day they would march to the deserted seashore town, buildings bombed out and riddled with the holes of machine guns. There was no one left alive but the air was cleaner than in the core, the ocean breeze brushing away clouds of soot and and leaving sunlight to cover the dead in the beginings of new life. A shoot of grass here, a new tree struggling there. They had food enough to last them years at the grocery store and clothes in abundance.

Night meant stars and lying on the beach before curling up in a bed with a worn mattress and a multitude of blankets, candles lending light in the darkest of nights. They meant sleeping with an ear pressed to a naked chest, craving the thud, thud of a heart, midnights lullaby.

It wasn't perfect, it was hard and it ached to see the morning spent repeatedly in goodbyes. But it was suffered together and because of that it wasn't simply shades of sadness, desperate survival in a world long since abandoned. Instead it was mingled with the blue of the ocean and the warm glow of innocent kisses and needy fingers re-establishing trust and the good things in life.

Right. Remember that story I posted a little while ago? I finished it... this is the ending. It ended up being rather long.. 25,000 words about? Which isnt too bad since I wrote it in maybe two weeks.

P.S. I had a grand ol time this weekend re-fashioning a plain black oversized men's shirt. Sadly I am not so talented at taking pictures of me wearing it (I should have really just taken pictures of me not wearing it... but I only just thought of that now). Anyway, I chopped it up, sewed it back together both by machine and by hand, added some ribbon and then proceeded to have fun with fabric paint.

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