Monday, February 22, 2010

Very Serious Business Indeed

Think I am strange yet? It's okay, I think I am too but this does amuse me.

Well Sil came over on Thursday and after a lot of giggling, Mike looking at us like we were freaks (and telling us he didn't like our makeup as much as usual... whatever that means), eating spagetti and accidentally snorting flour, we got down to the business of taking pictures. Then did more makeup of the gore variety (as shown above) and took even more pictures!  

It was fantastic. I miss her already. Why does she have to go to University in Edmonton?!

My poor husband had to work late almost every night last week though and on Saturday, I missed him, so we watched a couple movies Saturday night and vegged out (well he did while I sat on the floor and made some necklaces) then Sunday it was off to my oldest sister's house for my middle sister's birthday party! We stayed to watch the Canada/USA hockey game as well, which, despite the sad fact Canada lost it was still a very exciting game.

Thats All!

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