Monday, June 7, 2010

Ribbons and Lace

I thought I'd try something new.

I have never been all that great at sewing. I think the most impressive thing I've ever tackled on a sewing machine was a baby quilt I made for a friend back in high school. Nevertheless, I bought a second hand machine this past year with the plan on fixing a lot of clothes and refashioning more. 

Still, Fabricland was having a huge sale starting last Thursday and so when my sister called me up and asked if I wanted to accompany her I jumped at the chance (Which actually might have been more because I had a sick husband and as much as I love him he is a huge baby when he is sick). I meant to just buy beads since they were on sale too, but then I saw the lace. Lace, lace and more lace and I couldn't resist, especially not when it was on sale! 

I've always wanted to try making a collar of some sort, and I think lace is positively gorgeous, so yesterday I sat down and began to sew. All things considering, I am happy with the results. I did a test run first, checking to see what would look good, and after receiving positive feedback I sat down to make a proper one (one with straight, neat stitching and proper effort). My favorite part in the end though, is probably the brass buttons. I wish I knew where they were from (My mother in law sends me buttons in the mail!) since they look vintage but I am not sure. 

That's All! 

P.S. It's going to be a busy week packing and cleaning the house and finding someone to take the critter for the week after. Anyone feel like babysitting a terror of a ferret? Probably not. But soon its Vancouver and going to see Miyavi play live as well as visit with friends I haven't seen since September. I can barely wait.

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  1. The lace collar looks fantastic!!! Great job!