Monday, August 10, 2009

Better Left Unsaid

There are words never meant to be spoken aloud, words that shouldn’t even be thought. Sometimes, however, we cannot control what we think. Thoughts seep into our mind and take root, slowly poisoning our very cells until our tongues move of their own accord and words spew forth in a sickening display we can never erase - never take back.

Wide eyes stared in horror, disgust and distrust filling their pure depths, salty tears burning away their innocence.

Pain gripped him, knotting his stomach and causing him to sink to his knees, unable to bare the burden of his sins. He had sullied the immaculate, tainted the pure, all through the simple uttering of a few words that were better left unsaid.

The room was disturbingly quiet as he tore his gaze away from those accusing eyes. Inside he felt like a bomb had detonated, but outside, it was calm, too calm, too quiet, too composed. He was waiting for the explosion that would come from the other, the hatred.

It never came. Instead he watched as fingers twitched and eyes blinked before becoming blank. He squeezed his own shut at the horrific sight, bile rising in his throat because he knew he had done that, raped the other of their beautiful naivety.

Cold footsteps rang across the empty silence, a door creaked open then shut firmly and he was alone, his only company the words he could almost see hanging thickly in the pristine room, black and ugly.