Sunday, August 23, 2009

Promise is a Word

Promise is a word that you broke. Pretty little letters that looked so neat as a whole now in jagged little pieces, bloody shrapnel of a bombed heart.

I'm waiting for your phone call. The one that says you are on your way here to beg for forgiveness I won't give. Thats not my place... instead I will return the pain you handed out, inflict your soul until it is the one left battered and bruised and you've lost your faith in love.

But my guess is...

You'll break that promise too.

Don't worry people... this isnt about me.


  1. Okay, best phrase ever: "bloody shrapnel of a bombed heart". GREAT imagery.

  2. Oooo THANKS! I had to actually look up how to spell shrapnel ahha.

  3. I'm glad it's not about you :) Definately felt somethign akin to that before though. Nice work putting it into words.