Friday, October 1, 2010

Broken Bones

So, I fractured my ankle last week Monday.
To be honest it was all rather silly and at first I just thought it was a little sprain and didn't think much of it.

Tuesday it was swollen huge and I went to get X-rays done. They told me I probably mildly tore a ligament.

Wednesday they called me back to say the radiologist thought he saw a fracture and I needed to go get an aircast and come back again in a week for more X-rays. But I was still allowed to walk on it.

Last night I went back in for those X-rays. And was told it is a definite fracture and I need to stay off of it (read: crutches) for three weeks...

At this rate... I am going to go back in three weeks and they are going to tell me the foot needs to come off!

I suppose the good news is I will have more time to make things since I can't get around easy enough to do much of anything else.

Now, does anyone want to bring me Starbucks!?

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