Friday, October 8, 2010

Makeup Tutorial - Natural Look

Last month I did a makeup tutorial with the plans of creating a nice simple everyday look... then promptly decided that bright purple was more fun. This time, I actually managed to keep it pretty and simple. So here you are, a 'Natural Look' type of tutorial.

I started off at the eyes this time. Since my last one I showed everything, you can go HERE for the first few steps.

Step One: Paint

Say what? Paint? Let me explain. I call it paint because I use MAC Bare Canvas Paint. What it really is, is an eyeshadow primer. You know how makeup creases due to oil and sweat and well, really just blinking, during the day? Paint helps prevent that. Makes the makeup 'stick' better so to speak.

Normally I don't use it because I use high quality makeup and therefore I don't need it. But I thought it would be a good idea to include in a tutorial because it is a handy product to have. I think I even mentioned it in my last tutorial, but since I didn't have any at the time I could demonstrate it. This time however, I went out and bought some (Word of Advice: Don't try to go to the mall when you are on crutches the first weekend the new expansion is complete. Mayhem!!) and so without further ado...

Put a little dollop on your finger (the amount I put on my finger in the picture is plenty for both eyes) and evenly smear over both eyelids, from corner to corner, and up to the brow line, even under the eye. Basically anywhere you are going to have eyeshadow. Give it a few seconds to dry and onto the next step.

Step Two: Blending/Crease

I have no idea why I am even naming steps things since blending/crease doesn't really fit.... anyway. Here is where I give the eye a bit more depth. I chose a color darker than my skin tone but still light, a sort of peachy brown tan (Danae by Pure Fusion) and spread it from the outside corner of my eye, up towards my  brow line (but not all the way up to my eyebrow, leave a small gap for your highlighter that comes later) and along the crease towards the inner corner, but not on the main lid, using a rounded brush.

Here, pictures are easier to explain, 

Make Sense?

Step Three:  Shading

Taking a darker color, I used the same brush to apply shadow in just the outer corner and a bit up into the crease. This just adds a bit more depth. I used Vesta by Pure Fusion.

Note: See the bit of shadow that dropped onto my cheek? Instead of trying to wipe that away with your fingers, use a large clean brush (say one used for applying powder foundation) and gently dust the excess shadow away with that. It will help prevent it from streaking and getting pressed into your skin

Step Four: Eyeliner

For this look I lined the entire eye, but only very lightly. Like my previous tutorial, I still put the eyeliner right up as close as I can get, but I didn't put it on as darkly since I want the look to be natural. You can also go without the eyeliner, my preference is just to wear it. 

Step Five: Blending the Eyeliner

Another option is to use a brown eyeliner, but since I don't actually have one since I never use it, I blended the black liner with brown shadow after so it wasn't as bold.

To do this I took my flat angled brush and wet it. Dipping it in the same shadow used in the step above (Vesta for me) I applied that on top of the black, softening it.

Step Six: Highlighter

Using a pale shadow (white or cream) apply a small amount in the inside corner of your eye and as well as up along your brow line. I used a small angled dry brush and lightly dusted it on. This step just helps brighten up the eye.

I used 'Bare it All' by Pure Fusion Mineral Makeup.

Step Seven: Mascara 

I curl my lashes first, making my eyelashes more noticeable. For Mascara I use Maybeline XXL Pro Curl.

And that's it!
I think I probably went into better detail on my last tutorial, but I hope this one was just as helpful. 



  1. this was reaaally helpful!! you have no idea~
    thank you ^^

  2. This tutorial is awesome! I love the pictures. Way better than those useless mini tutorials that they have in fashion magazines where there is one picture and they just assume you understand all the terminology. I'm a visual person, I need pictures!!!! This is seriously awesome. I think I need to buy some make-up now and give it a go. I want to take pictures too so I can see the difference. Not sure I'm as good with the self portraits as you though. I'll give it a try and let you know.

    Thank you so much for doing this. You're the best!

  3. Oh GOOD! I am so glad you like it Lindy and I really hope it ends up being helpful! You should definitely try and give it a go! :)

  4. Thank you! This looks so good! I think I have everything. . . off to try the look.