Sunday, September 19, 2010

Makeup Tutorial

So yesterday I had someone ask me if I could teach them how to do their makeup like I do mine. I've been asked that before, and honestly, I really never know how to answer that.

Sure I can try teach you...The problem is, every eye is different and I have honestly never done someone else's makeup (Unless pinning one of the guys down on Band and Choir Tour back in high school and doing his makeup counts...but I don't think so).

However. I figured that I could always do a tutorial on how I do MY makeup. Right? I think I got a bit carried away starting at the very basics, but you'll forgive me right?!

So here it goes.
(I was actually going to do a nice simple, every day look, that people could copy...but that is going to have to wait until another day because I got distracted by all the pretty colors I had and well... the final result was a bit vibrant to say the least...)

Step One: Moisturize
I know, I know, most people moisturize, I don't really need to mention it. My point here though, that if I don't put lotion on before I put on my cover-up it never quite goes on right. So. Step one is always lotion.

Step Two: Foundation

I don't really need to explain this right? Pretty straight forward.

Moving on.

Step Three: Eyebrows

Okay so this is a weird step I know, but I actually took the most pictures for it since I am a bit of a freak when it comes to eyebrows and wanting them to be perfect or else the whole look is ruined. My eyebrows...not so perfect. They are long and curly in some bits, and don't grow in others. So I improvise...

For this I use a damp, flat angled brush and a matte (non shiny) black or brown eyeshadow (depending on what color my hair is at the time!) and work on filling my brows in so that they are even with each other, have a proper arch and aren't bald in some spots (I also trim the longer curly parts on a regular basis and pluck, but that's just maintenance).

I like using a shadow instead of a liner because it blends better and doesn't look quite so obvious that I filled it in.

Step 4: The Eyes! Base Coat

I should actually have a step before this were I put on a 'paint' to help keep the shadow in place, especially since I use loose powder. But I ran out of mine a few months back and still haven't gone to get more. Thankfully the brand of eyeshadow I use (Pure Fusion Mineral Makeup) stays on really well and I haven't actually needed it.

For this look, I started with a rounded flat brush and made it wet. Dipping it into the loose shadow (Royal Nights Eyeshadow, Pure Fusion) I then spread it evenly over the main part of my eyelid from inner corner to the crease to the outer corner. Making the eyeshadow wet isn't necessary but with the colors I use it just makes them pop that little bit extra.

Step 5: Blending

Next I used a dry rounded... round.. brush (this is where I admit that I don't actually know the different names for the different brushes. I just use what works best!) and applied Plum Passion PureFusion Eyeshadow to blend/soften the edges and bring it up closer to the brow line.  It just gives it a smoother appearance. (I do this for nearly every look I do and very very rarely use less than two colors)

Step 6: Highlighter

Okay so I actually forgot to take a picture here. But that pale, pale green (Green Icestorm, PureFusion Eyeshadow) I am applying under the eye with my flat brush (after I washed it) is the same color that I applied lightly over the brow bone (right under the eyebrow. It's actually a pretty important step, to use a really pale color with just a bit of shimmer usually, to sort of brighten up the eye and... well I don't know exactly how to explain what it does. I am not a professional makeup artist, but I do know it makes a difference when you are looking at it! *Insert failure at describing moment*

I applied the same color under the eye, wet, just to make my eyes a bit brighter and more open looking. Plus I just like contrasting colors. :)

Step 7: Eyeliner

Eyeliner isn't necessary but I almost always wear it just because I like how it looks.
(Okay really, I only wear makeup at all because I like how it looks...)

For this look I lined the entire eye. Yup, right up as close as I can get. Some people don't like applying liner that close to their eye because it might not be healthy, but according to all the studies I have read, as long as it an all natural, mineral eyeshadow without any of those nasty chemicals, its just fine. (And don't ask if that Estee Lauder liner is, because honestly, I have no idea. It is one of the few things I have that aren't mineral makeup of some sort....)

Step 8: Final step! Mascara!

I curl my lashes first, because while I was blessed with nice long thick lashes, they are absolutely straight. For Mascara I think I have been using Maybeline XXL Pro Curls for years... I suppose there might be better stuff out there (well there most definitely is) but this works and I am a bit of a creature of habit.

And that's it! You are done!
Or at least I am done with this haphazard tutorial. I swear I will do one with normal colors for those that wanted that (I realize most people aren't all that comfortable wearing bright purple eyeshadow on a day to day basis).

and so here it is, the (or at least my) FINISHED PRODUCT!

And now... I hope there are no spelling errors or I didn't miss anything important. But its past midnight and I have no idea why I am still awake...

I hope this was maybe helpful!?

Let me know if you liked the format at least so that when I get around to doing a more 'normal' or 'everyday' look I know what I can change or improve on.


  1. love this look and the tutorial is great - easy to follow and great pictures to guide one through the steps. one question i have: how do you know/decide which colours go well together and which ones to use where (i.e. lid, crease, under eye)?

  2. This is wonderful! Very, very informative and much more professional than how I slap mine on. I am just very, very happy to have read this. Fantastic tutorial!

  3. this turned out great suz! Love it, and as much of a "natural look" makeup person I am these colors look totally fun.

  4. Meg, I am trying to think about how to answer that. I generally just pick colors at random that look good together in my mind. Usually ones with contrasting colors or colors that blend well/have the same tones (ie, warm colors or cool colors). As for which go where, I usually apply the darkest color first, since it is the hardest to blend and depending on the look I want I either apply it to the whole lid or the outer corner and into the crease. Lighter colors towards the inner corner and brow line

  5. aww i can't use this since i have hooded lids but
    i really enjoyed reading this!
    you look beautiful~as always :)

  6. This is awesome! Thank you, thank you! Love the format and all the pictures! I'd love to see one with more natural colours. Not that I don't like the purple and it looks fantastic on you but I'm a natural girl and since I have no clue how to apply eye shadow I need as much help as possible!

    So the mascara you use is like a powder? It's not the wet kind and it's not like the kind you find in all compacts at the drug store?

    Is there a difference in the kinds of eye shadows? Some seem shiny and don't seem to "stick" as well and some seem more natural in the picture of that natural eye in the post I asked for help in (wow, weird sentence).

    This is amazing! Really! Did you just learn by doing? Self taught? I don't know why but eye shadow scares me. I've never understood the whole inner eye to crease thing, haha!

    Thank you again!!!!

  7. Okay! The mascara I use is liquid, the regular kind. The eyeshadow I use most of the time is a powder.

    There are a lot of different kinds of eyeshadow. Mainly there are pressed shadows (the kind that are well, pressed into containers usually) and loose eyeshadow which is just a loose powder. For the pressed you usually apply it with a (brain blanking on what to call this, its like a stick with a foam/sponge on the end) and the loose you use brushes generally.

    There are also 'matte' shadows (they don't have a shine) or 'shimmer/shiny' shadows that do have a shine to them.

    For more natural looks, I would honestly use a loose powder in natural colors. So browns, creams, peaches, etc. Things that are closer to skin tones.

    That said, pressed powders generally tend to 'stick' longer. The better quality makeup you get, also the longer it tends to last. It actually does make a difference cost wise usually. Some of my favorite brands for pressed shadows are MAC and MakeupForever. Unfortunately they are pretty pricey. The Pure Fusion I wear though is from a girl on etsy and she is a SUPER decent price for good quality loose powder stuff and its all natural, so easier on the skin and way way way less chance of reacting to the makeup if you have sensitive skin. (luckily I don't really react to anything)

    Ahh... and yes. I am self taught. I have been wearing makeup since I was 14? So I just watched my sisters wear it and practiced a lot until I got good at it. Then I started to experiment with crazy colors. I'll definitely do a tutorial for you with more natural colors though. This one was fun to do.

  8. Ohhhh a makeup tutorial by Suzy~! Purple eyeshadow. <3 You have the loveliest eyes.

  9. @Meg - for colors: lightest should always be under your eyebrow along your brow bone. It highlights it and makes your eyes stand out just that more. Also a trick to make your eyes look more wide-open is to put the same highlight color on the inside corner of your eye. For a natural type look, a darker color than the highlight, but still lighter than the darkest shade you're going to use, should be everywhere else on your lid, to just below where you've highlighted your browbone and tearduct. then the darkest color in the crease to make your eyes have depth. Is I think what Suzy is trying to say in regards to color and accenting ^_^ And as for what my case I usually pick ones depending on what I'm wearing that day: while I have been known to have an entirely monochromatic look (black and red, from head to toe, for example), sometimes a contrasting or complementing shadow color can be fun too: green dress with purple eyes. Friday night I did my eyeshadow with black, red, and yellow. I've also done white, bright pink, and yellow. And I'm using MAC's yellow is it's REALLY yellow ^_^ Sometimes green and blue.

    @Suzy - you're talking about a foam applicator :) And the rounded brush you're talking about is a round blending brush, as far as I know. I use mine mostly for my creases, and of course, blending, though I really don't do enough blending. I need to work on that...

  10. How did I not see your blog before? Perfect tutorial - Love the bright colors!

  11. Thank you! :) And I don't know! LOL

  12. LOVE IT!!!
    I am so impressed!! You are the makeup goddess!!!
    Thank you so much.


  13. Awwwww <3 Thank you!!! Your makeup is pretty awesome to work with!

  14. This is awesome. I've been looking for some new eye shadows and makeup without all the chemicals so I think I'll check out Pure Fusion. Thanks!

  15. okay I guess I'm not done yet...
    What kind of foundation is that? Have you ever experiemented with powder/mineral foundations?
    Also, how do you avoid getting the powder eyeshadow all over the rest of your face/cheeks? does it help that you dampen the brush first?

  16. The foundation is talc free mineral wear, so its a mineral foundation in liquid. I use the same brand for a powder to brush over after.

    When I wet the brush first it doesn't powder. However, since I sometimes put it on dry, I do get powder on my cheeks! I just have a brush I use solely for brushing it away. It doesn't work to try and use your fingers to wipe it away because it just smears, but if you use a brush and just lightly dust it off before it has a chance to set it should be fine.

    hope that helps! :)