Thursday, September 2, 2010

Creative Induction

Surprisingly, with my husband out of town, I have been rather creative. I think its born from the desire to not be bored, so I made a whole list of projects. Things I've wanted to do, things I've been meaning to do, things I just like to do.

Here is a bit of a peek...

Leather and Lace  and a piece I have yet to list (I should get to work on that!)

This one sold pretty much the day I listed it. I was so happy!

Autumn Fire my newest piece!

Now I've also been doing some other projects, things such as stitching beads onto lace tights. A rather perilous task if you are as... clumsy.... as me. I poked my leg a lot and I am still not done... 

What else have I been doing... Oh! Makeup! 

Does all of this excuse me for not blogging?! I have been busy!

Upcoming projects: Paint the huge canvas I have (Secretly by dad bought this canvas for me two years ago now with the promise he would send me a picture I would paint on it for him. But like I said, that was two years ago and I still haven't gotten a picture. So I am going to paint something for above my bed on it, and when he finally gets that picture to me I'll just have to go out and get a new canvas), paint 15 sheets of red paper with bamboo and put in my photo screen, make a dress, make more jewelry, paint the last two of my kitchen cupboard doors. Phew!

And... I think that's all!

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