Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fabric Flowers

So the other week I decided I was going to make some fabric flowers. I'd never tried making them before but I'd read a tutorial a couple weeks prior and I thought I remembered how. So off I set, watching a movie and cutting out fabric flowers to sew together, not paying much attention to what I was doing. One movie later... I had 70 cut outs in a rather large pile. OOPS!

Thankfully I was able to make this necklace with some of them, made from some pretty linen fabric with red polka dots that handily served as centers.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Now however, by the time I finished sewing the rest of the fabric I'd cut out, I have about 16 bright pink flowers and a couple blue ones and some white and black ones. And my ideas on what to do with them are pretty limited! Any ideas?! They would be much appreciated.

Some of the things I could think of were;

- a mobile
- a wall hanging
- refashion a shirt

What to you think? Any better ideas?!


  1. you could put them along the bottom of a pencil skirt! i saw one that had them along the bottom of one side of the skirt and they kind of crept up the side... SO pretty!

  2. So lovely!! headbands? hair pins/clips

  3. Oohhh that is a good Idea Kaubki, I might try that out.

    I tried a headband Rozzie, but the flowers didn't quite look right. I might try adding other stuff to it and see how it looks.