Friday, September 24, 2010

Of Tea Parties

I love tea.

I love drinking it.

I love cute tea pots

I love cute tea cups

and I love tea parties.

add to that last line... I want to have a tea party.

A proper one. With gorgeous little cakes and china tea cups, lace table clothes and ruffly dresses with parasols in a cute forest clearing. One that when dusk falls I can light lanterns hanging from trees and dance barefoot in the grass while watching the stars come out one by one.

Have I mentioned I love fairy tales too? Fantasies and silly things that lets my imagination scamper wildly.

Sometimes I wonder how people could exist without imagination.
The world would be so gray if I didn't have the ability to dream up new worlds.

But I digress.
My point was...
Who wants to have a tea party with me?

P.S. This post reminded me of these ADORABLE bangles that I would buy in a heartbeat if I didn't know I would break them the first day. 


  1. Kitty-ni I am pretty sure you are a mandatory inclusion for most things dreamy and creative in my mind. Which reminds me, you owe me a letter and some sketches so we can collaborate.

  2. ah! of course, kitty-ichi! I shall get down to some serious letter writing as soon as I can!!!

  3. oooooh! i'll join you for a tea party!
    i've been trying to plan a picnic with a girlfriend all summer and every time that we plan it the weather turns foul...
    i think tea parties might get better weather ; )

  4. Sounds excellent! I wonder why it always seems to rain when you have things planned for outdoors. I want to go on a picnic too, I love them as well. :)